Beauty and the Beast

I just finished watching Beauty and the Beast. It made me cry. Duh, off course haha. I haven’t watched it in years. What’s weird is I have never resorted to watching an animated film when I’m feelin’ all nostalgic and shit. First time ever.

It’s such a cheesy movie but the messages conveyed throughout the film, which by the way are very distinguishable, are just so powerful. It was just a great reminder to apply what the movie implies to everyday living.

Do you. Don’t judge. Family first. Keep learning. Be daring. Stay kind.

I love Belle as a character. She’s curious about what may be out there, out of the “provincial town” she lives in; she’s not just curious, her intuition is telling her there is adventure out there. And like, she falls in love with a beast. Sees that underneath his tough exterior, there is a sensitive and compassionate being underneath it all.

And we all know a Gaston and it reminds us that the sort of people we want in our lives are those off substance and not the superficial kind like Gaston.

Ugh, what an amazing film!

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