I’ve started sharing my music to my friends…

And everyone thus far has given me amaaaazing feedback.

I’m overwhelmed because I don’t share my most intimate music. I’m always scared what everyone would think of it because, like, it’s me. I’m pretty much telling a story. I’m revealing a lot whether it be through words, melodies or chords. But now that I’ve opened up and thought hey, let’s really give this a good shot, it’s restored the faith in my ability to create music that people other than myself will actually enjoy.

Honestly I’ve been hiding and I’ve been full of fear. And I’m sick of holding back when it comes to my dreams. Everyone that has witnessed my passion and my talent, and yes I really believe it now, I do have talent. How it’s taken me almost 25 years to believe it, I’m not sure. But I want to share my art because that’s always been the dream.

So, let’s do this.

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