Luck Now | Big Scary

Luck Now | Big Scary

“You see my love is no formal position

Because love shouldn’t just be a fleeting feeling or something momentary, no one wants that, everybody wants an intimate relationship to be forever if possible. In this case, Person A is telling Person B that his love is not temporary and isn’t something in the form of a position where you come and go as you please.

“You say my love is just cold repetition re-done”

This second line gives more insight to the song as we can now see that person B is quite vulnerable and very afraid of getting her heart broken, again. And we can see that maybe Person A and Person B aren’t compatible for each other as Person A can’t provide the kind of love Person B longs for.

I fear that I’m another acquisition”

Person A feels as though as if he may be of something like a pawn in Person B’s love life, like he’s there to fill a void in her life. He feels as though he’s being used like an object.

I fear that I’m now just pure imposition, my love

Person A feels as though Person B’s love for him is false and pretentious. This line suggests Person B feels obligated to reciprocate. And to return love is something that is in our nature, it isn’t an obligation so we can see that Person B does not love Person A.

“You see that I’m losing the heart

You see that I’m losing more heart every day”

Person A is becoming more vulnerable.

”I remember the heat at the start
Then the sound of my feet as I walk on my ways”

Their infatuation for each other in the beginning stages resulted in them trying to commit to one another’s love but their differences proved them incompatible in the end.

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