Flesh Without Blood | Grimes

“It might be actually one of the most personal songs on the record. It’s definitely a song for a former best friend of mine… We’re not really best friends anymore. I guess it’s for her, sort of. And it’s kind of angry, kind of sad, or something. Just being really disappointed in someone who you once truly admired, I think.” – Grimes

I love Grimes. I went on my last.fm profile and I noticed she’s my 7th most listened to artist overall. At first I was a bit surprised cause I feel like I haven’t listened to her much over the last few years but then I remembered just how much I enjoyed ‘Visions’. Anyway, in 2015 she released ‘Art Angels’ which to me is her best work to date and I am so, so excited to catch her Laneway next month! I’m really looking forward to losing my voice during her set.

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