Smoke and Retribution | Flume x Vince Staples x KUČKA

I’ve had this on repeat since first listen. Love Vince Staples but Kučka takes the track to another level.

I love the direction Flume’s taken with Skin so far. Can’t say it’s a more melodic approach than his debut but probably because real vocals are carrying the melodies this time.

I recently watched an interview he did where he explains he plugs a synth into his computer and get’s it to generate random notes which he then records for 20 minutes or so. He’ll then have a listen back to the recording and tries to spot a segment he likes (claims sometimes it’s just 3 seconds of magic). I think this method is definitely evident in Some Minds and in Smoke and Retribution and could be a recurring theme in Skin.

He had big shoes to fill after a killer debut and it’s too soon to say he’s done it again until I hear the newest album in it’s entirity but fuck he’s delivered the goods so far.

Listen to the latest single here.

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