Hands To Myself | Selena Gomez

I don’t even have to Google if Max Martin had anything to do with this track. I just already know. I’ve been listening to a lot of different music lately ’cause I needed a break from listening to so much pop music but I heard this track like a few days ago or something and when I heard the pre-chorus, I was thinking to myself, “Max Martin’s done it again. That pre-chorus has Max Martin all over it. Holy shit.”

I don’t even understand myself why his melodies hits the sweet spot. They are just so nice to listen to. For me anyway.

I feel like sometimes people don’t listen to this sort of stuff properly because it’s lame to listen to popular music or because these artists i.e Selena Gomez and other well established musicians don’t really do much because they don’t write their own songs or whatever. But I’m kinda like thinking, well it’s good for people like Max Martin cause they don’t particularly want to be in the limelight, they’re just happy writing songs for people like Selena. I think that’s why I couldn’t understand deadmau5 in his argument about Diplo and Skrillex “being part of bullshit”. It’s like who cares? Haha.

And you know what I really can’t stand? For example when Grimes and BloodPop (FKA Blood Diamonds) released ‘Go’. People were like, oh she’s gonna be a sell out. Her next album is gonna suck ’cause it’s gonna be real radio friendly.

I just don’t get that. The whole ‘it’s gonna get played on the radio therefore it sucks.’


Listeners expect this loyalty from their favourite musicians as if the artist makes music to please them/the audience. Let tell me you one thing right now, musicians these days don’t create with the radio in mind.

This track. So good. I love it. Goddamn it, Max.

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