experience = knowledge

It’s funny ’cause the first time I signed up for this blog, I was off on a solo adventure and I wanted to blog about it. But I ended up being so caught up in everything, that I didn’t end up doing that. There was just so much that happened.

Looking back at everything that happened and all the people I met along the way, I actually have no idea how I came out alive. This old co-worker of mine, she used to say, “I don’t know how your mother just lets you go roam the other side of the world on your own. Don’t you think about serial killers and shit?”

Absolutely not…

I think about new experiences. And I don’t mean, like, things just happening to you. I’m talking about people too. You experience them too.

I can’t even express how much I’m craving new experiences right now. People just have so much to offer. The universe has so much to give. This year so far has been so much more than I’ve expected. It’s definitely been one of the best years of my life but I’m craving something more. Like, it’s a fucking big world out there, I need to get lost because personally, for me, that’s how I find myself. It probably doesn’t make much sense but that’s just how I feel.

Next year, I’m gonna go to Banff. I’ve also been trying to figure out how to get to Socotra. However, I don’t really know how I feel about exploring these places alone, I would definitely love a companion… ie someone genuinely interested in crazy shit (don’t worry, it’s not as crazy as I’m making it out to be). I’ve asked one of my favourites if she would like to come along but trying to get the timing right is always so difficult. Damn, fucking life plans. I feel like I’m probably just gonna go over to Canada, scout for mountain enthusiasts and be like, “Yes, you. You’re coming with me.” Man, that’s so me. Hahaha

Words really can’t express how grateful I am… Just to sit here and daydream away. I wish everyone was entitled to the same luxury.

16 November, 2012

Everyone kept asking me today if I’m excited! I feel more accomplished than anything at this stage. I’ve been mentally preparing myself for this new adventure! Is it weird of me that I see it more as a challenge cause I honestly think nothing can be this smooth sailing? Don’t worry, I will make sure I have fun. My curiousity is getting the best of me and I’m just dying to learn about everything that I love, like music!

My first ever fortune cookie read out, “A single conversation with a wise man is better than ten years of study.” I still have that piece of paper and it is taped onto an old journal of mine. Even when it doesn’t seem like I’m just listening, I take everything in and try to make sense of it in another perspective. Or sometimes I will have a sudden epiphany. A ‘eu-frikken-reka’ moment.

Like, you ever been given a piece of advice or been told a story and you think you got the moral of that story? And you looked at it from a certain perspective? But really, until you’re in that situation or experience, whatever, that’s when that piece of advice or that story you got told makes sense. It just makes complete sense.

I look at every person as if they are that wise man. Whenever I meet someone new, I instantly think, “I’m gonna learn something from this person.” I don’t ever think I am above anyone in anyway. I have been playing guitar for ten years and will always ask for playing advice, even when I know that person hasn’t been playing for as long as I have.

You know what I’m most excited about? Just thinking about all the goals and dreams I have and what I’ve accomplished so far (which kinda always feels like not much). It’s kinda like, “If I actually made it happen just from wanting it so bad, you can make what you want happen.” And I know with all my heart just exactly what I want. I want it more and more every passing year. I gotta remind myself though, that it’s far more important to let my hair down at the same time and just let it happen rather than devoting my entire energy on just work, or fun for that matter.

One more thing…

The idea of going to NYC and London… When I told a friend of mine, “I’m going to NYC and I’m going to make it happen.” It seemed so far fetched at the time even though there are far more impossible things in the world. To me, it was pretty much like, “Shit, imagine if I actually make it happen.” Now that I know it is happening, it doesn’t seem that big of a deal anymore. To be honest, it really feels like everyone is making a big deal out of it and I’m just thinking, “Guys, I’m just going to NYC. No biggie! But maybe it is a big deal! It was once a big deal but not anymore ’cause I know it’s no longer a probability, it’s a certainty. New goals await . . .

Remind me to tell you the story about ‘Mike’ from when I used to work at this bakery.

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