snapchat questions

Socotra and road trip across America. That would be grand. I have sooo many things on my bucket list though.


Q1. Definitely my mum and my sister. I can’t really explain how but they’re definitely my biggest influence. I also think my step dad (I don’t really see him much these days) had quite an influence on me growing up too. Q2. I think they both count! Q3. I LOVE… Chris Lilley. I find his early work hilarious. I enjoy people with a dirty / bathroom sense of humour instead of a dry one. I also don’t mind a bit of wit but I find too much of it bores me.


I went to the States a couple of years ago. I was meant to stay in NY but it was so unbearably cold, I decided to catch the train to California. I ended up in Truckee and worked my way down to LA and spent most of my time in Venice. That’s a real cool place.


Q1. My bedroom. I also love being near the ocean / water. As cliche as it sounds, I actually enjoy walks along the beach with a doobie in hand, haha. And also anywhere that consists of green – I love being out in nature, that’s when I feel at peace and most connected to myself, to everyone and the universe. Q2. I would have to go with a dog ’cause people are so affectionate with their dogs and just getting smothered in so much TLC – what more could you ask for?!


I don’t like it when people agree with everything I say when really they don’t. People with no manners. And when know-it-alls have the need to make people feel inadequate.


Pretty quiet and shy. Definitely an introvert. I never had trouble making friends but I think I enjoyed my company a lot, haha. As a teenager, I never partied. Chose to be with my guitar and obsess over music instead. I was a pretty good kid in high school but I was a little cunt in elementary school.


Q1. Oh, absolutely. It’s love. I think it always comes down to love. Q2. Neither. I like staying up late and sleeping in when I have the luxury to do so but I love going to bed early and waking up early.


Movies: Pulp Fiction, Star Wars (Mainly 4, 5 and 6), Kill Bill Vol 1 & 2 and The Shawshank Redemption. Oh, and The Rat Race and Lord of the Rings Trilogy. There’s several more but can’t think of them right now. Food: I like all kinds of food and really depends what mood I’m in. It changes a lot. Shows: Right now, I’m not really watching anything but I am waiting for How To Get Away With Murder to come back on.


Lately, I’ve been listening to a lot of old stuff actually. I’ve got Led Zeppelin playing non-stop when I’m driving. Grizzly Bear, Silversun Pickups, early LCD Sound System and Yeah Yeah Yeahs. And, oh, fuck, Kings of Leon’s first three albums. I’m usually listening to fresh tunes. I did listen to Schoolboy Q’s new album the other day and some other one but I can’t remember what it was. Chance The Rapper, I think.


Thanks for the rad questions x

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