to EVOLve is to love yourself

artwork by: Agnes Toth

I used to be attracted to the girls that needed saving. Man, that version of me feels like a lifetime ago.

phot by: Bara Prasilova

Maybe somethin’ ’bout being a hero? Perhaps if I was able to save someone, then it was definitely possible for someone to save me? Maybe we are so infatuated with the idea of pain being poetic? But it is beautiful — only in art.

photo by: Lauren Muller

  I’m no longer that person.

collage by: Rocio Montoya

In fact; nothing turns me off more than those who try to make suffering look cute and appealing.

painting by: Meghan Howland

But you know what I do find enticing? Girls who choose to be their own hero.

artwork by: Julie Filipenko

They look within.

artwork by: Stassia Burrington

And take responsibility.

photo by: Andrea Tomas Patro

And control.

painting by: Alexendra Levasseur

 Won’t you, too?

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