to EVOLve is to love yourself

artwork by: Agnes Toth

I used to be attracted to the girls that needed saving. Man, that version of me feels like a lifetime ago.

phot by: Bara Prasilova

Maybe somethin’ ’bout being a hero? Perhaps if I was able to save someone? Maybe we are so infatuated with the idea of pain being poetic? But it is beautiful — only in art.

photo by: Lauren Muller

  I’m no longer that person.

collage by: Rocio Montoya

In fact; nothing turns me off more than those who try to make suffering look appealing.

painting by: Meghan Howland

But you know what I do find enticing? Girls who choose to be their own hero.

artwork by: Julie Filipenko

They look within.

artwork by: Stassia Burrington

And take responsibility.

photo by: Andrea Tomas Patro

And control.

painting by: Alexendra Levasseur

 Won’t you, too?

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