The Real Her


Shower her with dollar tips
Shawty went and bought a whip
Guarantee the city remember your whole name
You throw the ho a scholarship
All of them ain’t all equipped
And this saddens me, I see the pecking order
Quote-unquote “bad bitches” work the whole floor
Those that get laughed at sit off in the corner
Like a lab rat nobody want her
Niggas that are married don’t wanna go home
But we look up to them, they wish they were us
They want some new trim, we lust for some trust
Now the both of us are colorblind
Cause the other side looks greener
Which leaves your turf in the Boise state
Can’t see her play or the team, cuz
Everybody has an addiction; mine happens to be you
And those who say they don’t
Souls will later on say to them “that ain’t true”
All of them will have an opinion
But y’all know what y’all can do with them
But if you unsure, I’ll take you on tour
To a place you can stick that in
Well, sitting here sad as hell
Listening to Adele, I feel you baby
Someone like you, more like someone unlike you
Or something that’s familiar maybe

– The Real Her by Drake x Lil Wayne x Andre 3000

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