“…Success on the internal world isn’t necessarily success in the external world, and success in the external world isn’t necessarily success on the internal world. It’s profoundly true. Just because you got a promotion at work doesn’t mean that you’re attracting inner abundance. You may suddenly have even less time for yourself and are being even less mindful in your life as a whole. Conversely, lying on your couch in deep healing and being unable to work while your home goes into foreclosure may look like a great failure to the external world. But on the inside, this is a tremendous success because of the healing that is going on. This doesn’t mean that inner and external successes are mutually exclusive, but it’s important to not associate them so closely together. That is ultimately what the ego is trying to do. It’s trying to use the external world as a kind of validation for what is changing on the inner world, but much of what ever happens within us is impossible to measure.”

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