I feel like a walking paradox. Am I human or alien? Where did my capacity to feel, to touch, to aaaanything come from?

Is it human tendency to separate everything? 

I can’t tell if I’m losing touch or getting more in touch with what or who I really am.

The other day, when asked ‘How are you?’ I felt neither good or bad. I answered, “I’m here.” But was I really? Was I present at that very moment or had my mind traveled back to the past or forward to the future? 

I feel like I have spent far too much of life trying to get ‘there’. I don’t even know what’s ‘there’. But the thing is there is no ‘there’. It doesn’t exist.

I have so many questions yet I feel the answers are right under my nose. Right in front of me. In the people I meet, in the books I read; all around me…

If you’re wondering where I am, I’m connecting the dots. I’m alive and you can find me… Here.

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