camera roll vol. 1

I deleted all my pictures from instagram. Thought I’d upload the pictures/videos currently in my phone. This should be interesting… (Because my iphone is backuped on the daily and whenever I get a new iPhone, everything just goes on there)

Wow. This is so old, man. Backstory: I was DJ’ing at this uni event when this super lovely girl came up to me and we started talking. Then we added each other on Facebook. Then some time later, asks if I’d like to come along to RiRi’s concert along with another girl, Brianna. They were exchange students from Portland attending Notre Dame in Fremantle. Absolute sweethearts and stunners!!

Another oldie. This old co-worker used to live a 2 minute walk from mine and he introduced me to magic mushrooms and MDMA. Good times, good times. I remember this night so well too.

​​​​​So this is from that same night. This is the night I met Oliver who’s big brother happened to be, like, my idol — Ben Smith. You might know him as Benno (he makes those comedy videos on Facebook). Anyway Oliver lead me to Ben who I’d already briefly met at music festivals. I think a couple of weeks after this weekend, Ben invited me over and gave me a masterclass on music production. The kid’s a genius, so full of talent.

Pretty sure I was in a train on my way to New York, or I was leaving.

​​The most vibrant place I’ve ever visited thus far — Venice Beach, California. Luckily enough I got to chill with a local for a day. He had this skateboard that he got everybody to sign. I noticed there was no blank space left when he asked me to sign it so as a thank you for showing me around Venice, I got him a new board. I really wanna go back to this place.

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