camera roll vol. 2

Had my cards read for the first time. In Truckee, California.

Haha. 2 years ago on Australia Day. This was in Scarborough. I was trying to get over this girl. Got wasted on the beach then fucked some guy in a carpark. Classy…

Couple of years ago. Road trip to Moore River with mates. Coming down off pingas.

Polaroid snaps from Laneway. Last year, maybe?

From years ago. The most recent time I caught up with my Taiwanese friend, Eric. He’s the sweetest guy ever. I miss having dreads too!

Where I spent my afternoons over summer.

Lighthaus views.

It’s home but it’s not home…

My friend Shai and I used to chill in Freo. One time we got high and got tutti fruiti. We couldn’t find anywhere to sit then we eventually found a bench. Half an hour later, we realised we were sitting on the bus stop bench. For some reason, that was hilarious. Haha.

When I decided to drive to Greens Pool by myself. Mid last year.

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