how did i end up here…?

​Maddowg the Magician, Bali

​”Mother Nature brought me here.”, Venice Beach

​When you end up celebrating your birthday with a few Mexicans, New York.

​Man, you meet truly wonderful people on the road. Met this couple on the train and they decided to walk me home. I can’t remember where I was at the time but it was between Manchester and Liverpool.

This is where I grew up from birth til 7 years old. Arayat, Philippines.

​I had only known Franco for a short time when this video was taken. He drove us to Brighton and we chilled near the pier and got high. Then I went through his music trying to find a song I like. Man, I had really short hair too and 20mm gauges. Holy shit balls👽

​When you move to England and end up living with 2 Slovakian boys. I’m kinda just watching these videos thinking how big the world is and how crazy it is that you’ll only ever really cross paths with a handful of people.

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