The Orange Man | Casey Poynton

Let’s chitty chat. There is something inherently sombre about a 22 year-old girl, sitting on a train, mindlessly jiggling her leg in a dull distress about the looming presidency of a country that isn’t her own. Opening her phone to find her peers are fraught with the same worry. That is me right now, someone who foolishly thought that tomorrow would mark a small victory in the arduous fight to defy the insanity before us and bring some sense of humanity into this world. And yet, there is peril. I don’t know if I’m oversimplifying with this, but I don’t find the idea of treating all humans as actual people a particularly challenging request. The Orange Man does not frighten me, nor should he, you. He’s a child. Little Apricot Boy. However, he is the ridiculous masthead for something colossal. His presence is only possible because of the millions and millions of people with whom his words and ideologies resound with, and THAT is what’s creating this sick fucking feeling. The sweeping mass of it all, handing him the crown. He, with an intolerance to allowing others basic human rights. I cannot fathom how filled to the brim with heart-stopping dread any and every minority group in The States is feeling at this time. Today, despite how “woke” the world seemed prior, my ego is shot and I’m struck with doubt that I’ll see true justice prevail in my lifespan, along with you all. Let me be clear, injustice is not a concept – it’s innocent People of Colour being shot at point blank range and told it’s their fault, it’s immigrants being deported back to countries struck with war and poverty, it’s dead lgbt+ bodies stuffed in trash cans. It’s not abstract, its physical manifestation plagues the world in a daunting constant. And with the way this election is shaping up, we forecast no sun, children.

When the US is involved, the world watches. Because the world residually feels. The aftershock of any single decision the US makes ripples through the sea to us, along with every other nation on the planet. A pivotal influence so very often looked up to now forces us to look away. It speaks volumes that we’re scared. I’d planned a joke earlier that I was gonna post but that was in the context of Hillary winning, which I thought was guaranteed.

Guess not.

But hey, make America great again, eh? 🙂

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