My best friend took me to this secret cave a couple of months ago. During our trek to the cave, we came across what she told me were Death Lilies. On our way back to the car, she dug up a little Death Lily plant and gave it to me. I took it home and I’ve been keeping a close eye on it since.

I was a bit sad a couple of weeks cause I noticed it had withered. I went outside just then to check it and to my surprise it has come to life.

I couldn’t help but smile to myself and realise just how much the lily represented this current chapter of my life.

I was completely lost after coming back from that U.S roadtrip. I thought I had it all planned out but turns out I didn’t. Or maybe I did but I needed a shift in attitude and perspective. After all when I looked at it from an outsiders perspective, everything seemed to be working out.

Two things I need to remember:

1. Patience

2. Discipline

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