I guess it’s really true that people live at their own level of awareness.

I woke up this morning reflecting heavily on what I’d learnt in my 20’s. I have 1.5 years of my 20’s, how exciting.

Some of the things that stick out include…

The internal stuff never stops, it’s a never ending journey.

People change, they really do. Whether it is subtle changes or big changes, whether it’s a change in their desires, wants or needs – these things change people and it shapes who we are in the present moment.

When things are happening internally, it’s easy for us to project those things in the external world.

Answers. You can’t have all the answers in an instant.

Mistakes. You just gotta learn from them.

So where to now from here?

I don’t have an answer for that but I guess that’s the exciting part.

Let’s come back here in a years time and see where life has taken us.

Here’s to the 1.5 years left of my 20’s. Let. us. go. all. out. For life is truly short.

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