I’ve been reading so much lately. My need for intellectual stimulation has definitely heightened the past year. New knowledge and/or information just excites me, I don’t know why. Anyway I found this in a forum and I thought it was rather interesting. It’s basically to do with perspective. I feel as though at times when we have the awareness of other perspectives being there, we get so caught up in our own perspective of things. But this was one that definitely made sense to me. Well, I thought it was interesting anyway.

If people aren’t allowed to grow by your standards, and yet, life is all about changing and growing then maybe your standards are flawed. Or perhaps, the giving of your all is based entirely on the perception of what you wanted to give with no consideration of what he/she wanted to recieve. Here is an example: I hate the color blue. My husband buys me a candle in a votive cup that is blue. He hands the gift over to me beaming from head to toe because he brought me a gift. That gift wasn’t for me — it was for him to feel like he did something. Yet this something he did brought no pleasure to me, while he proclaims it is for me. So my point is — maybe all that you think you gave wasn’t really giving to the other person at all.

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