pick two.

I think the last time I did this which was a long ass time ago, I can’t even remember what I chose but knowing me, one of them would have been “good looking”.

I don’t know what to choose now.

Someone can’t be emotionally unstable forever… surely not. But it depends how unstable we’re talking.

Intelligent is important. If someone doesn’t have intellect, you’re literally a dumb ass to me. I don’t mind small talk in doses but it’s definitely better when someone can throw in some new information. Plus I always think I know everything so if someone introduces me to new information, my respect for that person grows.

Good looking… I don’t know why I always think about this thing this old man told me. He said something like, “Looks aren’t important cause we all get old and wrinkly… and ugly.” And I thought to myself… hmm true but yeah, nah.

Physical attraction is important to me if that’s what it means by good looking. They don’t need to be considered universally physically flawless like Beyonce. Just as long as I was physically attracted to them. I’m not shallow. Intimacy is important to me and I can only really enjoy intimacy with another person if the physical attraction is there. Having said all of this, someone can come across more “attractive” if they’re intelligent, good sense of humour etc.

Anyway… yeah I would choose intelligent and good looking. I feel like emotional stability is something that be achieved with the right tools.

Fuuuuck, I don’t knoooooow!

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