Two things: infatuation and changes

Infatuation is dangerous, now that I think about it. When relationships hit a slump or a rough patch, it is easy to feel infatuated towards another person cause they have something that your partner lacks. But you always gotta remember that there’s no one who can fulfil your needs and desires 100%.

I think there’s a big difference in allowing a person to change and trying to mould a person a certain way. I think more often than not, when people are in relationships they tend to try to mould their partners into something they’re not.

Subtle changes are a lot easier to overcome vs drastic changes because subtle changes can be things that need a little re-wiring of the brain where as drastic changes is a total re-wiring of the brain in a psychological, mental and physical sense which means a lot more work, a lot more discipline, a lot more strength.

Anyway, there are so many variables. And many forms of “change”. And at the end of the day I think only mindfulness can make a person change, not another person. You may ask a person to change but you can’t change a person. You may plant the seed but the seed grows on it’s own with a lil TLC, off couse.

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