The Difficulty of Self Knowledge IV

We can be more compassionate. We will inevitably, in the course of therapy, realise how much we were let down by certain people in the past. A natural response might be blame. But the eventual mature reaction (building on an understanding of how our own flaws arose) will be to interpret others’ harmful behaviour as a consequence of their own disturbance. The people who caused our primal wounds almost invariably didn’t mean to do so; they were themselves hurt and struggling to endure.

The School of Life

Yeah, it’s pretty self-explanatory that passage of text.

To put it in a simpler form: Sometimes we don’t mean to hurt others but we do because we’re hurting inside also.

This is why I made a big emphasis on forgiveness in the previous post. Forgiving isn’t just forgiving others, it is also forgiving yourself. After all, we tend to project what we feel internally.

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