Level 1: 06.10.19

Day 1

Ok, I did not realise this book was an actual course and I’m frikken nervous and terrified of being confronted and calling out my own bullshit but I’ve committed to it and I’ve bought the book so let’s do it!

Write an intention in your journal – where you intend to align your focus.

As I progress through this level of the course, I intend to practice being mindful and refrain from judging myself or others.

Write the following affirmation in your journal.

I am willing to let go of the past and be humble enough to let things be different now.

Daily affirmation.

Did you respond rather than react?

I responded and reacted.

Did you communicate authentically rather than defend and attack?


Did you acknowledge your uniqueness rather than compare yourself with others?


Did you focus on who you are becoming rather than dwell on the past?

I focused on who I’m becoming.

Did you remain generous with yourself and others rather than being critical and stingy?


Did you remain open and receptive rather than push, dominate and manipulate to gain control?

Open and receptive.

Did you remain mindful rather than unconscious?


Did you remain responsible rather than blame or deny?


Did you remain humble rather than judgemental or righteous?


Make a note in your journal of what you specifically don’t like about yourself in each of the following areas:

Appearance – your body or sense of aesthetics

I don’t like my nose or my belly haha. This is weird, seriously. Why are you doing this to me😂😂

Performance – your ability to produce results and achieve your goals

I don’t like that I can’t finish any music that I start.

Contribution – your ability to have impact and make a difference

I don’t like that I feel or think that I don’t contribute enough or have enough of an impact specifically with the people I’m closest to. I don’t know whether I make a difference at all in people’s lives but I know that I’ve always wanted to.

Creativity – your ability to be imaginative and inventive

I don’t like that I am imaginative but I lack the initiative or the courage to take my ideas into fruition.

Individuality – your ability to value your essence and acknowledge your uniqueness

I don’t like that I feel like I don’t really fit into anything or anywhere and sometimes don’t really have a sense of belonging which kind of makes me feel lonely. Basically what I’m trying to say is I feel like I don’t belong anywhere. There’s so many things that I want to do and like to do and I’m open to and interested in so many things that I feel like I don’t really belong anywhere. I don’t know if that makes sense.

Love – your ability to love and be loved

I don’t like how controlling or idealistic I can be when it comes to love

Sensitivity – your ability to be kind, caring and compassionate

I don’t like that I am hyper-sensitive but I am trying to be more thick skinned these days.

Intuition – your ability to be wise, perceptive and intuitive

I don’t like that I tend to rely on my intuition majority of the time.

In your journal, respond to the following:

1. My Achilles Heel is my sensitivity.

Take a few quiet moments to muster your compassion and acknowledge how your self criticism makes you feel.

2. What parts of myself am I now pledging to accept?

I pledge to accept that I’m not perfect and that my weak qualities are not weak qualities at all. My sensitivity may at times not handle criticism well from myself or others but my sensitive nature allows me to be compassionate.

3. Where am I coming from and which part of me drives my choices and actions?

I’m coming from my Authentic Self. When I’m surrounded by others, at times my negative Ego can take over but I’d like to consistently be my Authentic Self.

Well, that is it and I’ll be back with more tomorrow. I answered alot of these questions more so with general answers rather than basing it of with the happenings of today.

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