I’ve just updated my Book Depository cart and have carefully chosen the books I’m going to get… TOMORROW.

I don’t know how long it’ll take for these books to get to me but I’m soo excited. I probably need a break from reading anyway.

Besides, I’m gonna finish the 12 Level course of the current book I’m reading and get back into a weekly routine of studying Korean. And once I finish the course, I’ll more than likely start reading.

Anyway, I’m getting the following books:

Brave New World – Aldoux Huxley… fictional story about a futuristic society.

The Doors of Perception – Aldous Huxley… fictional novel about doing drugs.

Meditations – Marcus Aurelius… the Roman Emperor’s journals compressed into book form

The Body Keeps the Score – Bessel van der Kolk… non fictional book about how trauma works

Waking the Tiger – Peter A. Levine… non fictional book about healing trauma

Korean Short Stories – Julie Damrod… a collection of Korean short stories for Korean learners

Omg can’t wait. In other news – works going to be busy, I have to work this Saturday🥵anyway I should get to sleep, gotta wake up early tomorrow and it’s a long day tomorrow — a co worker and I have decided to go out for dinner tomorrow night along with another friend we used to work with!

Dang where did all the time go?

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