I have decided

That Level 2 of this course is going to stay purely for my own viewing because it is confronting as fuck to the point where I’m like omg there’s so many things wrong with me (there is but there isn’t)

But I’ve told myself to go above and beyond. I’m not going easy on myself, I’m being critical as fuck, and really really really confronting a lot of my shit.

You know there have been several moments where I’m like, oooh that hurts and stings my ego a little bit. And by a little bit… I mean A LOT.

I wonder if this is what the aftermath of taking DMT is like. The ego just totally destroyed.

But y’know. There is no such thing as ego death even if someone says they’ve experienced it. I’ve realised our egos are still “essential”. Perhaps it shouldn’t be our main driving force in life but we still need it in certain moments. Anyway… time for bed. I get to sleep in a little bit tomorrow but I’m sleepy as fuck now so…

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