I want a cole clark angel fuck

where there is love, i’ll be there… i fucking love the melody to this song

I need a fucking acoustic guitar. I used to have 3, why don’t i have one anymore🥵

I kept 2 electric guitars and i have no amps lol. This sounds so twangy and i had to tune the guitar by ear cause i’m lazy to use a tuner. Anyway i’m gonna try and borrow an acoustic guitar from someone cause this would sound so much better on a acoustic guitar… yeah i totally just asked my friend, Metal Dave, if he’s got one I can borrow. The guitar is so much fun, fuck i forgot how much though. I played the guitar as soon as i got home today. I played for like 4 hours again… nuts

Gosh i forgot what it was like to stress over small things like but a fun kinda stress. Like when my fingers just don’t move to the right fucking spots… it’s like gahhhh come on brain. But the co-ordination in this song is fucking nuts, it’s hard. But the challenge is fun and once you actually get it, it’s like oh yes.

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