i love playing the gtar

Only guitar players would understand the level of difficulty this is. If my hands were big enough, I’d be able to move around more swiftly but there’s a barre chord that’s quite a stretch. I’m so keen to get an acoustic guitar.

So my friend, Metal Dave, let me borrow his acoustic. It sounds so much better already playing this on an acoustic.

I really want an acoustic guitar… a Cole Clark or one of those smaller Taylor guitars☹️

I should start playing guitar more often. People who have heard me play say I’m really good but I always doubt my ability like nah, I’m not that great. I don’t know, I guess no one ever thinks they’re good enough when it comes to anything so yeah.

But I was thinking maybe I should start learning a bunch of fingerpicking covers and start busking on the weekends to try and make extra money. I’d have to really work on getting enough confidence more than anything. You would think if I had no problem getting naked in front of other people, it wouldn’t be such a big deal but music is literally my passion so it is a big motherfucking deal🥵if someone ever said to me that I wasn’t good enough when it came to music, that’s like heartbreaking and soul crushing at the same time.

I’ve started to really fall in love with music again. Especially the guitar. Well, I guess that’s normal. I did play for 10 years. Dang, that’s like the longest committment I’ve ever made to anything in my life lol

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