24.10.19 — what is even ‘there’?

I’m entering that two week window leading up to shark week. I made sure to eat my greens, drink plenty of water, exercise and meditate today. And I’ll be sure to stay consistent with those things especially for the next two weeks. I’m feeling pretty good surprisingly. I guess whenever you get the fundamentals right, it does make for a solid foundation.

I never thought the days would come but I’m smiling and laughing more often these days. Well, I knew it would come but I dreaded how long it may have taken for me to get here.

I’m feelin’… good.. these days. I don’t know if good is the right word. Actually I’ve been feelin’ pretty cool, calm and collected — and that makes me feel good in retrospect.

For the first time in a long ass time like since coming back from that American trip like 2.5 years ago — I feel so much more in touch with myself, so much more connected to my roots, more in tune with my intuition. There is a sense of clarity in my mind. No clouded highs or fogginess. Is this what it was like to feel content or…? Anyway . . .

I’m exactly where I am supposed to be. It’s just nice to be… h e r e.

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