This philosophy book was designed for children. Unfortunately in most schools, philosophy isn’t something that gets taught, which I think sucks.

In most cases, we kinda just go through adult life ‘winging it’, not having acquired the tools we need in order to face certain adversities in life.

We’re not always as wise as we think we are even after all the mistakes we learn from.

So, I’ve started to read this book to my younger brother for a few reasons. One being for him to understand the complexities of adult life; that sometimes there is more than the eye can see.

I told my sister the other day that I had felt sorry for our youngest brother ’cause our mum seemed to always be grumpy or angry at him.

I asked myself what I could do to to help educate my brother in certain emotions we feel but also how I could take a small load of my mum so she feels less worked up about trivial things.

I don’t know when this paradigm shift happened in my mind. I often find myself thinking of ways in how could I enhance the lives of others around me.

Recently, I searched into volunteer work overseas. I think it’s something I’d be really interested in.

My sister and I were having a conversation yesterday in which I mentioned to her that although there are things I feel passionate about like music, philosophy and psychology… I don’t know how I’d feel about having a career in those fields. I then told her, I know that I’d like to help people, especially those who don’t have access to education, the same way we do in the western world. If I could somehow get involved as a teacher or some kind of labour work to help build schools in poorer countries, that is something I would definitely like to do. It’s a little cliched but I know that I’d like to make a difference.

It’s been such a long since I’ve felt this compassionate towards others. I’m also beginning to understand that it’s important to practice the same compassion towards myself.

Anyway, I’ll leave it at that. I want to finish off the book my sister got me yesterday.

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