I did yoga for an hour today. I tried out some new poses and most were a challenge but it was good for me.

I then meditated for 15 minutes. Meditation was different today. For the first time ever my mind was just blank. It was kinda strange. At one point I asked myself where are my thoughts? Sort of panicking to myself like it’s a bad thing but it’s not, that’s the thing.

I usually have a million thoughts running through my head while I meditate but this new experience was a real game changer.

Suddenly my legs started to shake, and I felt off balance. I’m sitting down obviously. Why would my legs shake suddenly. I took a few deep breaths to gather myself and just like that, my usually thought filled mind — empty.

It is by far one of the greatest things I’ve ever experience. Whether it is a one off thing or something that will happen several thousand times from now on, I will take it.

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