Hello, November!

Well, meditation just then didn’t quite reach the same heights as the past two days. In fact, it was nowhere near of the same calibre­čśé

I think I was probably forcing for the same thing to happen. I usually do yoga first and then meditate. I tried to meditate first but I ended up falling asleep hahaha. I was sitting up as well. So, I did what my body asked me and I had a nap and then I did yoga and then I meditated.

I was so tired and can definitely tell my period is right around the corner. Surprisingly enough, I can’t remember the last time I felt this calm during the lead up to my period. And although I’ve been running on about 6 hours interrupted sleep this whole week, I have not had a headache once which is frikken great cause I do not miss getting them.

During meditation today, I had just a billion thoughts going through my mind. I was like, wow, even though my thoughts just get bypassed, it’s like, I definitely enjoy having a blank mind better.

So I just allowed my thoughts to come and go whilst trying to focus on my breathing at the same time. I reminded myself that it’s ok. Some days you have it, some days you don’t.

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