Gosh time flies by. It’s November already and Xmas is next month.

I’ve just done an hour yoga and meditated for 20 minutes. I thought I could do it first thing in the morning but I just felt like staying in bed since Sunday morning is currently the only morning I don’t have to get up early. I watched a couple of tarot readings this morning. They’re honestly becoming so depressing. I’m literally becoming super skeptical of them, the more I watch them. There is one reader on YouTube who seems to know what shes doing though.

Yoga was quite a challenge today but I can see that my body is becoming more flexible. The human body always amazes me. Meditation is kind of back to the way it was before I had those epic meditational experiences. Just so many thoughts coming in and out – my ex, the noise outside, my brothers new iPhone, cooking dinner, back to my ex, work, co-workers, money, the future, the past, back to my ex… everything. Shutting the mind off is actually so hard but when it does happen as I’ve experienced it twice… it feels like you got there with no effort. And maybe it’s that… maybe I’m just forcing and resisting. And I just need to relax.

I might meditate before I go to sleep later on. I got a new book today called The Body by Bill Bryson.

I was going to get this other book but this one was just like pick me, pick me so I had to go with it.

I’m gonna read a little bit before I go for a run!

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