ohright I figured what I’m going to do…

It didn’t take long to figure it out. It was basically out of 2 plans and it was a pretty easy decision in the end.

Sooo… I’m definitely going back to uni (unless for some odd reason, I can’t… and I can’t think of any possible reasons right now why I wouldn’t be able to go back) but anyway…

I listed all the pros and cons for my 2 plans and going back to uni had the most pros in the end. I think it is probably the most sensible and rational decision also.

The only down sides to going back to uni is I would have to work full time until Sept, 2020 trying saving up as much as I can. As I would only be able to work part time while completing my studies. Work is going alright anyway and I’m hoping by the end of the year, my hourly rate will go up. I’m really hoping my supervisor will soon put his plan in his place and they train me up like asap.

I like to be mentally prepared for any future plans. Not just mentally prepared, I’d like to be financially prepared also. When I don’t have a future plan in place, I really don’t know what to do and I’m not able to set goals. I also like to feel like I have a sense of direction of where I’m going. It’s important for me to set goals because my goals determine so much of what I can do in the present time. If I don’t know what my plans are a year from now — how am I able to set goals or know what to do in the present time?

Yes, I get that life is unpredictable. I can only control certain aspects in any given moment. Say if I happened to break my arm and am not able to work for 3 months or something, I am able to adjust to the situation but the goal doesn’t actually change, it just causes a delay to when I’ll achieve it. Does that make sense? I guess that’s why I like to plan out future plans so I am able to see the vision and know what I’ve got to do to get there.

Dang, I better shut up and go to sleep now😂

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