04.11.19 — this may be long.

Got to work early this morning only to remember that I had a late start. I was like omg I could’ve have slept in but it’s alright.

So while waiting, I managed to fit in a few conversations. One was with a co-worker. We discussed the recent meeting in which the supervisor reminded everyone that bullying was not tolerated. Anyway my co-worker was like, we all know that meeting was about that girl.

I don’t know how long ago now but I’m sure I wrote about it several posts back. I was having problems with one of the Korean girls at work. Well, actually everyone was having problems with her, including other Korean co-workers.

Recently she made one of the newer Korean girls cry last Saturday.

I mean this girl is just angry all the time. But for the past month, I’ve kinda felt sorry for her. I wish I could give this girl a big hug because if anyone needs it, it’s probably her. I’ve realised that if someone is being unkind to you, that’s their problem, not yours and that you should just remain kind despite people being absolute assholes sometimes. I used to be so kind all the frikken time until I realised I had to be assertive and then I just became unkind but now I know you can be both assertive and kind at the same time.

While I was waiting for 7am to come around, one of the HR’s told this guy to wait outside with me and for me to take him inside the department I work in once I go in. We chatted a little. Turns out he’s from Korea. We chatted about all things Korean because we had 30 minutes to kill. Eventually he was like wow you know a lot about Korea and Korean culture. And so he asked, “Was your ex boyfriend Korean?”

I instantly thought, why would he say ‘ex’ and assume I’m single? My answer was plain and simply, “Uhhh. Yeaaaah. Something like that?”

After coming home from work, I called up my uni about enrolling for next Sept. I can’t believe I actually did that. It kinda took me by surprise and then I was like, hey I really am bridging that gap and I am working on that solid foundation.

And then I did an hour of yoga. Yoga was challenging today as I did two rounds of each poses. Man, it was tough. I also set a new goal for myself and that is to be able to do chin ups by the end of the year. Do you know how long I’ve always wanted to be able to do them? Well, I decided I’m going to make it happen so I’ve been working on my upper body strength because I know it will help me with my yoga as well.

I meditated for 15 minutes just before writing all of this crap. There was a lot going through my head because my mum and I had a big family chat. It was mostly to do with my auntie who’s now out of jail but afraid to leave the house just in case she gets shot. My mum showed me a recent photo of my auntie. Dang time flies by, that’s for sure.

I laughed at one stage while meditating cause I had this one memory come to mind back in high school when my class had to meditate with this hella hippy woman and there was a fly in the room and it was all we could hear. It was funny.After meditation, I don’t know why, it was kinda out of the blue but I decided to look at these polaroid photos of my ex and I. I don’t know do it to torture myself but I think I wanted to know what feelings would arise out of me whether they were negative or positive feelings. I just smiled to myself as if 50 years had gone by and I just thought, yeah we had some good memories. I never wanna remember people in a bad way but more so the things they have taught me and the ways they have made me better. Any bad memories after all are most likely rooted in the ego being in overdrive.

I’d watch a tonne of November readings for Pisces on YouTube since the start of Nov. All the channels are saying the same thing and they kind of make me nervous, like what if they’re really accurate in their predictions cause they’re accurate in the present aspect.

Anyway, this getting super lengthy. That was pretty much my day.

And I just want to say — gosh, I’m so glad that two week timeframe is done. Soon, my period will be all done in the next couple of days and I’ll be feeling relatively good.

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