Yoga was a bit of a challenge today and I laughed at one point because I realised I’ve still got a long way to go in terms of flexibility and balance.

Meditation was so-so today. I feel like half of yoga is meditation but it’s definitely not as relaxing as just sitting upright and being still. Yoga is exercise for me at the moment as I’m still trying to build the muscle and strength.

I ended up getting a new book today:

The cover is a little folded because I’m already halfway through the book. I honestly couldn’t put it down. It’s quite interesting and this is one book that is actually teaching me new things.

I’m literally reading, I think, 3 different books at the moment? Indistractable, The Map of the Soul, The Body and now this book. Ok, so that’s like 4 different books but I think I’ll definitely finish this book first. I kinda lost interest in Indistractable, it’s not very engaging to me. The Body has a lot of scientific terms and I’m only interested in reading that book chapter by chapter because each chapters contains a billion new information about the body and just it’s information overload at times😂😂

Anyway, today was pretty good. I made sure to eat healthy today and my goal for the rest of week is to try and be consistent with my diet. I haven’t gained weight or anything but I just know there’ll be small wins from good, healthy habits. I haven’t gained weight but I wanna lose a bit of fat and get toned. The entire household ate salad including my brother although he didn’t eat much. Rest assured he will be so hungry when he wakes up tomorrow because vegetables burn in like 5 minutes😂😂This salad was soo good!!

I’ve everything I needed to get done and I’m pretty sleepy already. It’s not even 8pm yet🤪I wanna keep reading but I need a good nights sleep. I’ve only got 80 pages left. I read over 200 pages of this new book. It had A LOT of interesting passages of text!

Anyway, I’m outta here. I can’t stop yawning😴

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