11.11.19 — ♥️

Ohhh I’ve only got a chapter left of The Power of Habit (there’s literally 12 pages). But it’s almost 8pm and I’ve got to do some reflecting/reviewing.

Just quickly about this book — a few things I have learned:

– sometimes you are not aware of your habits

– you can only change your habits once you are aware of them

– willpower and belief are a neccesity if you want to change

– it is much easier for you to change if you are part of a group/community trying to change (at least two people are needed)

– habits are formed to save time and for the brain to use less work

– when you resort back to your habits, it’s because you’re lazy

– when you begin a good habit, your brain changes and you unknowingly start more good habits, these are called small wins

Anyway these were some interesting things that I thought were interesting. It definitely gives me some new perspectives in life!😃

Sooo today…

Yoga was so challenging today, it was some deep stretches and upper body work but it was actually a lotta fun. I think my posture has improved and I’m becoming more flexible which I’m so happy about. Yoga really leaves me feeling so reinviogorated and rejuvanated. I looked in the mirror today and I was like dang, I’m 29 soon and it doesn’t seem like I have aged much in the last umm like 15 years😂😂I wonder when I’ll get to 35, if I’ll look like I’m 35 or not? Haha.😂😂

Meditation went so quick today. When I noticed I had been meditating for 33 minutes, I honestly could have meditated for much longer than that but I was pretty short for time.

I ate super healthy today and I’m feeling pretty good. I’m pretty stoked with today’s efforts.

It’s good to be back. And I mean it’s nice to have this attitude back — the one where I’m receptive, open and compassionate.


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