11.11.19 — ♥️

Ohhh I’ve only got a chapter left of The Power of Habit (there’s literally 12 pages). But it’s almost 8pm and I’ve got to do some reflecting/reviewing.

Just quickly about this book — a few things I have learned:

– sometimes you are not aware of your habits

– you can only change your habits once you are aware of them

– willpower and belief are a neccesity if you want to change

– it is much easier for you to change if you are part of a group/community trying to change (at least two people are needed)

– habits are formed to save time and for the brain to use less work

– when you resort back to your habits, it’s because you’re lazy

– when you begin a good habit, your brain changes and you unknowingly start more good habits, these are called small wins

Anyway these were some interesting things that I thought were interesting. It definitely gives me some new perspectives in life!😃

Sooo today…

I woke up at around 2 this morning and eventually fell back asleep. My ex was in my dream again last night. I can’t remember what happened but I just remember waking up and thinking, what was that all about.

Work was crazy busy today. But luckily enough, I still managed to fit in 70 minutes of yoga and 30 minutes of meditation.

Yoga was so challenging today, it was some deep stretches and upper body work but it was actually a lotta fun. I think my posture has improved and I’m becoming more flexible which I’m so happy about. Yoga really leaves me feeling so reinviogorated and rejuvanated. I looked in the mirror today and I was like dang, I’m 29 soon and it doesn’t seem like I have aged much in the last umm like 15 years😂😂I wonder when I’ll get to 35, if I’ll look like I’m 35 or not? Haha.😂😂

Meditation went so quick today. When I noticed I had been meditating for 33 minutes, I honestly could have meditated for much longer than that but I was pretty short for time.

I ate super healthy today and I’m feeling pretty good. I’m pretty stoked with today’s efforts.

Oh also. You know what I’ve noticed? Is that people are so much more warm towards me, more open, more friendly, my co workers smile at me throughout the day, the Korean girl who everyone does not have a soft spot for even asked me today if I was ok at one stage, and I think today was the most we had ever exchanged words, it was craaaazy. It wasn’t crazy, it was actually good because I have no ill intentions or bad motives towards this girl.

It’s good to be back. And I mean it’s nice to have this attitude back — the one where I’m receptive, open and compassionate.


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