13.11.19 — 🌹♥️

I wrote about my entire day just then but for some reason, my gut was like, don’t post this so…

Take two…

There was nothing bad in it. Just a few elaborate details about work… or co-workers really.

Work was incredibly slow today. But it was also full of laughter. I love a good laugh honestly. Hooray for tomorrow because it is PAYDAY. I’m doing relatively well with my savings. And I’m on track to meet my savings goals.

Today I did yoga for 90 minutes and it was awesome. I felt so good after and it’s incredible how flexible the body can be.

Also, I love Adriene Mischler. Man, she seems so cool. “Head over heart, heart over pelvis.” I seriously have her voice stuck in my head saying that.😂😂

I meditated for 30 minutes today and I did it before yoga. I didn’t quite reach a deep meditation but it was nice to just be still and take several deep breaths.

Today was actually a really good day. It’s safe to say I got my confidence and self esteem back.

And to end this on a subtle note… no one will have any idea what this means… well, except for me but…

I had forgotten what it was like to swoon.

I’m… content.


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