16.11.19 — new mantra

Ok let’s do this…!

I tossed and turned and had a relatively poor sleep last night. There were just so many times I woke up and thought about my ex or things that happened between my ex and I. Lately, I’ve been feeling sad about certain things, other times I still feel a little rage inside me. It’s nowhere as bad as it used to be.

I guess that dream I had the other night kinda just caught me off guard. And also I think just the fact that I’m back to having all this freedom is kinda scary.


I did an hour and forty minutes of yoga today and I feel uh-mazing like seriously. I then did 30 minutes of meditation which was hmm so-so. I have mixed emotions with today’s meditation session.

Oh and before I forget. That’s right. My new daily mantra. You know every year I kinda have a theme that I like to follow but this one that is really important for me and it is, “Let go and surrender.”

I choose this mantra because it’s important for when I meditate. To let go of everything and anything and surrender to the now, the present. Sometimes it could be letting go of things, situations and people and just surrendering to the things you can’t control. After all, we can’t control everything. We can’t go against the flow of life basically..

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