19.11.19 —

November is always such an interesting month. I can’t believe Xmas is a month away and it’s almost 2020. I feel like I’ve just lived through 10 summers, I’ve forgotten what winter is like.

Do you know what today is?

Actually it may have been yesterday but I’m pretty sure it’s today… it’s been 21 years since my mum, my sister and I first arrived in Australia.

My lululemon package arrived today and I was so happy when I heard the delivery man knock on the door. Actually this morning on my way to work, a StarTrack truck was in front of me and I was thinking oh, my god — my package could be in there. And sure enough, it was. It arrived this afternoon. I’m so over the moon with my new yoga wear. Now I can flow through vinyasas more freely😆😆

Speaking of yoga — I did 90 minutes today followed by 15 minutes of meditation. I can feel that I have become more balanced and my breathing is starting to become a little more relaxed in certain poses. Man, I love yoga.

You know I try not to look for external sources to make me happy or to find solace in but it’s fucking yoga, man. Like, so much of yoga is internal work. You know it doesn’t just teach me how to become flexible physically but it helps me become more flexible mentally.

Anyway, work was business as usual. I managed to finish pretty early today which I was glad about. So I feel like I’m ahead of schedule at the moment. I’m gonna go eat a healthy salad and then I’m going to just wind down and relax. I might read, I might watch a bit of that Korean drama… I don’t knooooow. Whatever feels good. Actually you know what feels good? A routine. When I have a routine, my mind feels so relaxed and I don’t have to think so much. And that makes me one happy girl.🥰


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