24.11.19 — patience.

My sister called me this morning and I was telling her about how I was becoming addicted to yoga.

Yoga’s taught me many things. And as the time goes by, I find it teaching me more and more.

One thing that yoga has taught me is patience. I’ve always been impatient pretty much my whole life, in a lot of aspects of my life whether it’s work, relationships, uni etc.

I just know now that forcing things to happen is like working against the energies that makes everything the way it’s supposed to be. The way things are supposed to be will happen eventually. Don’t resist, don’t force… just allow. And if you’re unsure — be unsure. Have patience.

Anyway, I’ve just done an hour of yoga and a 10 minute meditation. I was feeling pretty tired this morning. I think later on I may go for a run and do some more stretches.

Just keeping this one pretty short today.


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