I feel a little bit sick after eating dinner and trying to get through my second ice cream in the last 3 hours. I had to throw it away, I felt like I was about to throw up🥵

I felt so tired this morning even though I had a really good sleep last night. Luckily enough, work wasn’t all that busy today and I was home by 1. Which got me so excited about making 탕수육.

The pork itself was perfect but I totally screwed up the sauce😂😂I think the sauce is what made me feel sick. I kinda winged half the measurements and just kept test tasting it. It tasted fine at first but after the juices of the cucumber had blended in within the sauce, there was a strong cucumber taste in the sauce. I love cucumbers as a vegetable but thinking about the sauce is literally making me wanna throw up🥵😭yeah… I fucked it up pretty bad. Hence why I tried to get through a second Reeses ice cream. And now I feel so gross. I think I’ll just stick to salads for a while.

My 탕수육 ㅠㅠ

Anyway making this dish took a long time so after having a late lunch, buying the ingredients and preparing the potato starch batter (which takes 90 minutes for it to settle), I did yoga during that 90 minutes, and like yesterday — I made sure to place a big focus on my breathing to combine meditation with my yoga. Looking back on the past couple of days, I have felt very present during yoga. I’ll definitely start meditating on its own again. Maybe even starting tomorrow.

Well, I might leave this here. I’m feeling pretty tired. Yoga actually made me sweat today.

I’ve been watching some more of Hotel DeLuna. Trying to get away from watching tarot readings on YouTube🤪


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