27.11.19 — all things amazing♥️

Alright here we go…

My body was aching when I woke up and yoga was a struggle the first 10 minutes. My shoulders and my back and thighs were all feeling tense especially my left shoulder. But after doing an hour of yoga, all my pains were gone. I was like whoa what the hell just happened? Ahhh it’s amazing.

You know I was watching this video that explains what happens to your body when you stretch. So, apparently all your tendons or joints, and the water levels in the areas you stretch, they adjust which causes your body to become flexible. I was amazed by this.

Just reading The Body by Bill Bryson and discovering how interesting and amazing the body actually is and also noticing this through my yoga practice, it leaves me in awe of how truly amazing the body is. I have no other word to describe it other than amazing. I haven’t finished reading The Body yet but now that Saturday work is over, I think I’ll probably be able to power through it this weekend.

I took it easy during yoga today, focusing on my shoulders and upper back. It went for 70 minutes and then I meditated for 10 minutes. I noticed today my mind was just blank but I think that’s because I felt tired. I’ll probably fall asleep early tonight.


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