An appreciation post for yoga and meditation.

I’m back again after meditating for 35 minutes.

I swear to God, yoga and meditation has changed me in so many ways in such a small amount of time. Especially yoga, man.

The connection between the mind, the body and the breath… it’s like when you surrender to the moment, to the breath, to the present, to the practice of yoga… when you are really in the moment of yoga, you realise just how fucking beautiful yoga is. And how truly amazing it is.

It is one of the most humbling experiences I’ve had.

I don’t know all the benefits of yoga — I know there’s many but what started for me as a way to become more flexible became something more. I didn’t realise just how much yoga would actually change me. When I started to surrender in each yoga practice, becoming more flexible became the least important thing for me.

I will forever be grateful for what yoga is teaching me. To see the physical evidence of my body changing — I’ve become more flexible, I’ve gained strength all throughout my body but this is just one aspect. What’s more important to me is how much yoga has changed my mind and although this is something that cannot be seen physically, I do see it in the way I now carry myself, the way I respond to people, the way I think, my attitude towards people and situations. Yoga has helped me become the true person I’m supposed to be. It keeps me grounded and humble whilst also knowing that our bodies can create so much space. It’s like you realise how fucking amazing your body is that it humbles you at the same time.

Yoga truly is the most holistic way of healing. It has honestly become a part of me and it is something I will do for the rest of my life.


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