I’ve wanted to do this for so long…

And it is to break down my natal chart because astrology, duh. So here’s my chart and I forget what all this means so I’m sure if I put this in a place where I can come back for reference, it will make things easier for me. I’ll break down 5 planets just for now.

I love astrology. I don’t read daily horoscopes but just astrology in general interests me because it’s crazy how accurate it can be.

What do the planets mean?

Sun: It is your overall self, ego, basic personality, sense of self, your essence.

My sun sign is Pisces. We are the 12th sign of the zodiac and we have the characteristics of all the 11 zodiac signs put together. We are the sign of mysticism, mystery and the spiritual unknown. We feel things very, very deeply. We are known to be the psychics and the most intuitive out of all zodiac signs. But we are quite prone to drug addiction. Pisces is symbolically represented by two fishes swimming in opposite directions which means we are either off in la-la land or we are in reality… we are usually switching between the two in my honest opinion.

Moon: Represents your emotional side and what makes you happy emotionally.

My moon is in Virgo. Virgo and Pisces are polar opposites on the zodiac wheel which kinda leaves me feeling conflicted about my emotions at times. But here’s what the internet says about Virgo moon: (This is so fucking accurate, what the fuck)😂

Basically in a nutshell what makes me emotionally happy is doing things like exercising, eating healthy, journaling. And it’s so true about the “being healthy becomes an obsession to avoid chaos”. Man, because chaos can throw me off guard. I’m a Pisces and everything is about emotion to me. In order for me to feel happy, I need to feel balance and being actively healthy makes me feel like that.

Mercury: This is how you express your needs and thoughts.

My Mercury is in Pisces. Whatever that means.

I find it hard to express myself freely. It is much easier to express myself through writing or some kind of art form.

Venus: This represents l-o-v-e.

Yeah, I think my Aries Venus is very true.

Man, this is so true. I do need a lot of mental stimulation when it comes to relationships and matters of the heart. But anyway, I like my relationships to have lots of mental stimulation whether it is a bit of competition through game playing or just having fun together, doing things together or just by having an intellectually stimulating conversation. And I do like to lead but not all the time. And I fucking hate mind games. This Venus in Aries probably explains why my sex drive is the way it is when I’m in a relationship… i.e horny all the damn time. Maybe I just enjoy all forms stimulation😂🤪

Mars: This represents your anger. Your angry side.

Hah omg. This is so true. When I’m angry, I just cut people up with words. It is so bad, trust me. This is why I don’t like being angry. This is why I don’t like arguments and try to avoid confrontation with others because once I hit angry mode, you will be shocked I even had it in me to say such things. Let’s just say that I can say some really hurtful things when I’m angry.

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