very important lessons from commune day 7

Do you want to be right or do you want to be loved? Are you willing to forgive to create the opportunity for growth? When you are carrying resentment, you are the one impacted. When you are clutching an ember waiting to throw it at someone, you are the one getting burnt.

The 7th day of the commune program was really important for me, to me. It made me re-evaluate and reflect back on all past and current, intimate and non-intimate relationships — what I learnt, the things I could do better, ways to improve, so on…

I’m someone that places a huge important on growth and evolving as an individual.

And now with all this talk about building a solid foundation for myself — I now know that in any relationship — a solid foundation for both individuals is important and to build a solid foundation for the relationship itself is important.

I’m glad they include the transcript in the courses and I really love this:

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