14.12.19 — 🧘🏽‍♀️

I totally forgot about my Dr’s appointment today… woops… so I have to reschedule it for next Saturday. I’d say everything is all good now anyway but I should get a check up just to be cautious.

Because I powered through everything yesterday afternoon, it’s literally left me with not a lot to do except to clean my car which I’ll probably do later on. I really felt like shopping and spending money but I was like nah, I should just save🥵

I did 90 minutes of yoga this morning and thinking about doing a bit more later on just cause I’ve got time. I’ve gotta work on my bakasana alignment, it’s a little off but baby steps…

I started reading the Art of Happiness today and ended up falling asleep. I studied Korean for a bit also.

Tomorrow afternoon, I’m catching up with my co-workers cause one of the girls has organised a gathering at the beach where we are going to make halo-halo.🤗

I might just netflix and chill this evening.


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