21.12.19 — check me out♥️

Dang, work was crazy today.

And I just wanna get this off my chest. Yesterday I went without a smoke and today is the second day I have gone without a smoke. And, trying to sleep last night was tough. And today I was left feeling on edge the whole day. Luckily enough, yoga my saviour has made me feel super chilled. I did nearly 2 hours of yoga today. I needed to. And check out my bakasana. I’m holding it for nearly 20 seconds long. I can’t believe I’ve actually gained the upper body strength, it trips me out like wtf man😂😂😂I tried shoulder/headstands today. Just the foundation. You know before I was like I never wanna try it cause I’m scared but now I’m like I’m not fucking scared?🤪😆

Now that I’m in that two week time frame, balancing my hormones can be a little bit tricky. I’m about to go for a run and I prepared a salad earlier today when I got home from work so i’ll be having that. I’ll know if my hormones is all outta wack if my face breaks out.

I’ve gotta totally gotta do my laundry as well, I just remembered🥵And I’ve gotta meditate later on before I sleep because reflecting back on today, I definitely had moments I should’ve handled better. Damn ego, y’know? I refuse to let my ego be my main driving force.

I’m so tired man. I just wanna netflix and chill for the rest of the day.


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