I got 100% in my test just then although I think I was pretty lucky. Why do they have to talk so fast🥵🥵Jesus Christ. I haven’t had to review much of what I’ve learned so far in this course but this one really fried my brain. Holy fucking shit. I still struggle with Korean numbers. By struggle, I mean I really have to think and count in my head. But knowing the months is helping me memorise the Sino numbers which kinda works out well. I wanna be able to look at 1월 2일 without thinking one-wol, 2-il (cause obviously that’s not how they say dates in Korean😂) but more like 일월 이일 (oook talk about the worst date to try and pronounce : 오늘은 일월 이일이에요) Gotta make sure to review this during the week.

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