Trauma Informed Yoga

I was just reading about the coolest thing.

It’s called trauma informed yoga.

Now, from the book I really want to read — Bessel van der Kolk explains that… “trauma is not just an event that took place; it is also the imprint left by that experience on mind, brain and body.”

This is why yoga is so important and the greatest and most wonderful tool I have ever come across my whole entire life. I know that sounds dramatic and exaggerated but yogis and yoginis would agree, I’m sure. And yeah, yoga ultimately is a tool.

You don’t show up on the mat to do yoga, you show up on the mat to have an experience. That’s what I mean by yoga is just the tool.

It makes perfect sense how yoga can be used to overcome trauma.

Again, in yoga, it’s the connection of the body and the mind. Through asanas and pranayama practices… Asana is the “meditative seat”. The position in which people meditate. And Pranayama is the breath, it’s breath control.

I’ve said many times before that breathing is such an important aspect in yoga. In Vinyasa yoga (the kind of yoga I practice), ideally you move with your breath. So, you inhale in one position and the exhale while you flow into the next position.

When you’re focusing on the breath and the movement and you’re so focused on “moving with the breath”, it is in these moments, it is the easiest, or rather the best time to surrender. It’s in these moments, you are fully present. Sometimes you don’t even realise it until you’ve finished yoga and suddenly your mind goes back to a hundred miles an hour. But it’s through the practice of yoga, you become more self aware. What you learn on the mat, you can apply it off the mat.

So when you’re consistently learning to surrender and let go by doing yoga, it’s easier to have that self awareness outside of yoga and you let things go in the real world.

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