I’ll keep this one short.

Seriously what is life coming to.

I have a lot to talk about. A frikken lot. But I wanna study Korean for a bit after just giving one of my co-workers a Korean lesson.

Actually I’ll get this one off my chest first before it slips out my mind.

Last night, my ex was in my dream. And this time she was in a relationship with this chubby american dude who has a bit of a belly.

So, I went to go see her. And I was kinda like why are you going to marry that guy? He has exactly the same personality as me but I’m way more attractive. And his pork belly is worse than mine. And she’s like, you know we have to move on. I still love you but we can’t be together so he’ll be ok for me even if he looks like that. We have to let this go. And I’m like, oh are you sure? We can get back together, we don’t have to be with mediocre versions of each other.

In my dream, I was dating someone new but didn’t tell my ex this. But it was like I wanted to know what the hell was going on and why we’re both dating replicas of each other.

So, I woke up this morning and I was kinda like, dang… wtf was that. I think it’s my subconscious mind telling me something

Ok so much for keeping this one short.. sorry.

There’s a Korean girl at work who has a very similar personality to my ex. One of my co-workers teases me and always jokes around saying she likes me. (But this girl doesn’t even know I’m into chicks). Anyway I’ve started to give her the cold shoulder cause I’m kinda like… yeah, I don’t wanna get distracted. And I just wanna focus on the job in front of me. And besides, my ex is way more attractive than her.


Yoga was great today. My 45 minute yoga practices the past week has felt insanely short but when work starts to quieten down a bit, I’ll start going back to 90 minutes. 45 minutes is really not enough but I have to make do with the time I have.

Catch you on the flipside.


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